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Seven Stands To Visit At Crufts 2017

March 9, 2017

As well as all the parading pedigrees, Crufts gives you the opportunity to shop for some great products and experiences. Here we list seven that caught our attention – from insights into the world of sniffer dogs to spinning canine fur into a cutie keepsake!

CRUFTS 2017: Hall 4 Stand 152 E WEBSITE: www.redhoundfordogs.com

Reflecting the hygge-esque trend for homecrafts, Redhound for Dogs have created a special kit for your to custom sew your own dog coat.

airdale terrier dog in handmade blue dog coat

Everything you need – pattern, fabric, trimmings & instructions – to make a lightweight, showerproof coat in either Navy or Wine is included for £33.95-£36.95, depending on whether you opt for Terrier or Hound size..

kit for sewing a dog coat

SPECIAL OFFER: Claim a free Scrabble Letter Collar Tag

Redhound for Dogs are excited to offer their Crufts 2017 customers one Scrabble Letter Collar Tag (worth £2.75) FREE with purchases over £20. Choose your own letter, subject to availability, limited to one per customer.

dog collar with scrabble letter charm


CRUFTS 2017: Hall 1, Stand 110 A WEBSITE: www.devinespinning.co.uk

Last year I met a woman who knitted excess Keeshond fluff into gloves, this year I can’t wait to chat to Andrea Devine who has created a business – Devine Spinning – conjuring cushions and cutesy soft toys from dog hair! This is Manu, made from 4 oz (or 112 gm) of Leonberger fluff. Each pup runs 12-14 inches long from tip of tail to front paws and Andrea tries to recreate the look of the breed you have. Prices start at £135 for the knitted dog, £65 for a heart-shaped keepsake.

fluffy tan dog toy spun from dog hair


Crufts 2017: Hall 2 Stand 30 Website: www.travellingwithpets.co.uk

Speaking as someone who has nearly come a cropper trying to cycle with one hand holding a leash and squealing as Bodie got too close to the wheel spokes, I think the Cycleash is a brilliant invention. Especially for dogs that need a lot of exercise – instead of sporadic bursts around a dog park, the dog can trot along at a nice steady pace and then conk out contentedly for the rest of the day. Available from the Travelling with Pets website for £27.95.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free delivery on any order placed between 9-27th March 2017!



Crufts 2017: Hall 3 Stand 113 Website: www.woofandbrewshop.com

England is famously a nation of tea-drinkers & dog-lovers and those two worlds collide with Woof & Brew’s enticing range of dog teas and tonics! Herbs are blended to address issues such as anxiety and digestion as well as offering enhancement to skin, coat and wellbeing. This Fresh Breath option uses lemongrass, ginger and sage while the Feel Good mixes ginseng, dill and dandelion. Each bottle of tonic (£7.99) contains 60 capfuls and can be added to water. Or, if you like the idea of brewing your dog a cuppa alongside your PG Tips, you can opt for the tea bags (£3.99-£9.99). The kettle is a-whistling…


3 more on the way!
CRUFTS 2017 – Birmingham NEC 9-12th March 2017

Website: www.crufts.org.uk

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