crufts 2017 stunt dogs pose for luke johnston

A Photographer’s View of Crufts 2017

March 12, 2017

One of the most extraordinary aspects of Crufts is seeing so many multiples of each breed in one place – from 101 Dalmatians to 335 Poodles and nearly 500 Chihuahuas. (Personally I wanted to snug up with every one of the 87 furry-ruffed Chow Chows.) If only there was a Multiplicity option for us humans so we could be in several places at once – cheering Flyball in the main arena, champion-spotting in the rings and cooing as the superstars from Stunt Dogs pose for pics on the Arden Grange stand. (Above you’ll recognize Barley from Poldark and Beauty & The Beast and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tori from both The Young Victoria and Victoria!)

With so much going on in each of the 5 halls, it can be hard to know which way to look, which is why it was such a special experience to spend the day with photographer Luke Johnston. Having been entranced by his images from literary festivals to refugee camps, it was fascinating to follow the direction of his lens at the world’s biggest dog show. Here is Crufts 2017 through his eyes…

3 Dalmatians in the benches at Crufts

Two white toy poodles are groomed by handlers wearing pink jackets at Cruft 2017

Crufts 2017 - woman cups chin of white Standard Poodle in grooming area

Standard poodle interacting with handler at Crufts 2017

chow chow at crafts 2017

cream chow chow at crafts 2017 with female owner

long haired chihuahua on old man's knee at Crufts

dog agility at Crufts - brown and white dog jumping over a-frame

young lad in black running agility with a white dog at Crufts 2017

Crufts - Luke Johnston-flyball-jumping

Maltese main arena at Crufts

And finally, one last look at those celebrity Stunt Dogs – every one a rescue!

Crufts - Luke Johnston-arden-grange-rescue-stars

Thank you to photographer Luke Johnston and Crufts.

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