Bodie & Belinda

Meet Belinda

Belinda Beach StripesHello fellow dog-lovers! My name is Belinda Jones and I am a British magazine journalist and author of a dozen travelicious novels plus one real-life US road trip romp that made the Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller list alongside my writing hero Bill Bryson – quite a thrill!

When I first met Bodie in 2010, I was told, “This dog loves to ride in cars!” and that’s when my two greatest passions collided – Dogs & Travel! After just a few weeks together we took a 2,000-mile road trip prompting the book BODIE ON THE ROAD – The Dogged Pursuit of Happiness. (Think Marley & Me meets Eat, Pray, Love!)

Traveling with Bodie has been a life-enhancing game-changer and this website details our ongoing adventures along with an abundance of dog travel tips. (Many learned the hard way!) We hope it will inspire you to travel in style with your furry friends!


Meet Bodie

Bodie-CarmelBodie was found wandering the meanstreets of South Central Los Angeles, picked up by Animal Control and set to be euthanized at just 3 years-old. Mercifully Jennifer Pryor of Pryor’s Planet swooped in and saved him.

After a series of foster families I met him at a street adoption in Studio City – I was looking for something big and fluffy but when he sat his furry bottom down on my bare flip-flopped feet that was that! It wasn’t until I got him home that I noticed his comedic trademark underbite. (He also had impeccable manners when I first met him, most of which I’ve undone.)

We have been together 6 years now, visited 30 US states and now the UK and are always looking forward to our next trip!



What breed is Bodie?

Chow-ChowI get asked this question every day and my response is typically, “Whatever you want him to be!”

Everyone seems to see something different in him: Chow Chow (because of the purple on this tongue), Akita, Shiba Inu, Cattle Dog, Bulldog (for the underbite!) even Australian Dingo or Carolina Dog, which visually may be the closest call!

Officially Bodie’s veterinarian has him classed as a Shar Pei mix (partly to get around apartment regulations!) and he certainly can get the furrowed brow and rucked folds, depending on how he’s sitting!



 Where do Bodie & Belinda live?

Coronado SwimBodie and I live on the paradise island of Coronado, across the bay from San Diego. When we first met we lived in Los Angeles, walking distance from Griffith Park. We then spent 2 years in the US Navy town of Norfolk, Virginia where we encountered our first ticks, mosquitoes and humidity that left us both panting. But oh the crunch and color of those leaves in Fall!

We have crossed the States three times now and one day we’d like to retire to a ranch in Colorado and fill the surrounding fields with romping rescue dogs.

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