Welcome to Bodie On The Road! This website is a celebration of the fact that traveling with your dog is more popular and more possibility-filled than ever before. After years of restrictions pet parents are now spoiled for choice with dog-friendly options, which is where we come in! We love the dog travel websites that offer comprehensive resources (we use them and recommend them!) but our mission is to present you with a time-saving curated list – creme de la creme, best of the best!

And we’re not just talking luxury hotels and fancy restaurants, but all manner of stylish, fun, characterful places offering a genuinely warm welcome to you and your furry family member!

Despite having worked as a writer for 25 years, I think I was a travel agent in a previous life as I like nothing better than figuring out routes and itineraries and comparing hotel attributes – I can do this All Day Long. Over the past six years traveling with Bodie I’ve made a oodles of mistakes, which of course is the best way to learn and now we can help you experience more Tail-Wagging in Your Travels because frankly, there’s nothing better than seeing your dog have a good time!

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