The 12 Cutest Pet Brand Names at Superzoo 2016

August 1, 2016

SuperZoo is the super-sized annual pet trade show in Las Vegas, displaying what seems like an infinite number of pet products. Here we narrow the list down to a darling dozen for our take on the 12 Cutest Pet Brand Names at SuperZoo 2016!

I can’t get enough of saying this name: Growl Towels! I love the idea of Bodie having his own snazzy  towel, as opposed to a hand-me-down human one. The website is a sunshiney delight and the Australian-designed range includes 100% cotton roundies (check out the fresh orange/blue print on Circle of Love), great for the beach, picnics and any wet dog eventuality, as well as an easy-wash alternative to your pup’s bedding. Plus, as founder Lys says: “Owning a Growl Towel is a validation of your love for all dogs because you are also supporting animal welfare agencies in their work.”

Blonde girl toweling dry her dog beside blue car


Initially I took this to be a pun on Hair of the Dog but the name is actually inspired by the BEWARE OF THE DOG signs creator Jackie Rosenthal sees around New York City! Her ‘luxury dog accessory collection’ includes lime vinyl raincoats and colorblock t-shirts, as featured in Vogue, InStyle and Glamour. But Bodie has his eye on the hand knit pretzel toy and the silver collar charm bearing the single word MUTT!



In a world that is going through an absurdly divisive phase, BE ONE BREED is a great ethos as well as a cute pet brand name! I’ve seen a fair few poo bag carriers in my time but these tweed, chrome and leather-textured clip-ops are the most stylish with their cool neutral hues. And, if you have a small dog, you can even purchase matching pet carriers. (Now if only they supplied an Alice In Wonderland-style Drink Me potion that could shrink Bodie to the size of a Chihuahua!)



An irresistible name and logo, inspired by the founders’ trip to Buddhist Bhutan – a Himalayan kingdom famous for its research into the Gross National Happiness of its people. Happiness Hugs is an artisanal range of dog sweaters, leashes and collars hand woven from yak down, which is surprisingly fine and creates an almost cotton like texture that is warm, breathable and pile resistant! The patterns have meaningful symbols with names like Karma Hug and Sunray Hug. Adorable!



This eye-popping play on the classic Coke can design comes with such a perfectly apt pun – SODA PUP! – and, as the stamp shows, is Made With Pride in America! Described as the Can-Do Dog Chew, the Can Toy is made from natural rubber making it sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable, plus you can stuff it with dog treats! We also love the look of their Pop Top Pull Toy and are happy to note that Soda Pup’s “Rescue2“ program donates their fun, tough products to dog shelters.



Bodie and I spent just two days in Maine but I like the idea of Mutt Knows Best taking us back there with their Dog SPAW range, featuring wild blueberries from the hilltops and organic sea lavender from the rocky coast. Creator Jenny Dwyer started Mutt Knows Best three years ago in a Cuisinart in her kitchen using her knowledge of working on ‘people skin’ to create botanical blends to soothe and enhance your dog’s skin and coat. Now the U Dirty Dog shampoo with Green Tea and Lemongrass is calling Bodie’s name…



Love this quirky, scrappy design and the promise that both super antioxidant Kale (loaded with essential vitamins including beta carotene, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C and lutein) and Flaxseed aids in making your dog’s coat softer and shinier, with healthier skin underneath. Considering the current hot weather I think Bodie would favor the Tropical Delight treats that add coconut and green bananas to the mix!

Dogs Love Kale AppleCrisp


Invented by a rocket scientist and crowd-funded into being, this innovative ring launcher will give you a sky-soaring change from your Chuckit and give your dog even more of a run for his money. Whizzing up to 100 feet across the park/field/beach, it’s the ideal fetch toy for dogs that take a lot to exhaust them or for owners on a tight time schedule – dogs run further faster and thus tire quicker! To see it in action, take a peek at the HurriK9 video.



The name has instant ‘Awwww!’ factor. Who among us hasn’t loved our dog’s tummies, planning to fill them with yummy food as well as lavish them with rubs and tickles. Developed for sensitive palates, these gluten and grain free treats come in tempting flavors from Greek Yogurt & Berry to Roasted Tomato & Romano Cheese (feeling peckish myself now!) and 5% of the biscuits baked are donated to non-profit organizations advocating the wellbeing and care of dogs and cats.



All fur one and one fur all! Aside from a great pun, this pet brand offers great fragrance when it comes to their Pet House Candle range – made from 100% natural soy wax the 8.5oz glass jar burns for 70 hours, filling your home with wafts of Lilac Garden, Pina Colada or Sunbleached Cotton, to name but three scents. For those of us on the road, the range includes portable mini candles, paw-shaped wax melts and car fresheners! (Can’t wait to make Bodie’s SUV smell like Vanilla Creme Brûlée!)



It’s cuteness a go-go over at The Blissful Dog website – I virtually keeled over at the sight of this darling BooBoo Butter image. The .15oz tube is packed full of healing ingredients including shea butter, beeswax and oil infusions of St John’s Wort, soothing everything from bug bites to sunburn. Creator Kathy Dannel Vitcak knows a thing or two about dog bliss having been in the pet industry for 30 years, 20 of which included showing and breeding French Bulldogs and Chinese Shar Peis. She even offers you the option to Shop By Breed including Mixed Breed, as modeled by this fella…



The appeal of this brand name reveals itself when you learn that Bog stands for Boy Or Girl. The simple but effective concept of blue ID tags for boy dogs and pink for girl dogs made me chortle as the scenario of people mis-guessing your dog’s gender is all too familiar! As Chicago-based creator Julie says, ‘Every time I went out for a walk with my two dogs in the city, 9 times out of 10 someone would approach us and call Gracie “buddy or boy” and Oliver “pretty or girl”. I always felt terrible correcting them!’ (Plus it’s extra cute that BOG comprises the initials of Julie’s dogs Oliver and Gracie teamed with their Goldendoodle cousin Boone!)


This image really tickled me…

Boy or Girl Tags

SuperZoo 2016

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  1. Comment by Kathy Dannel Vitcak

    Kathy Dannel Vitcak August 2, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    You made our day! After a couple of days of planes, trains and automobiles to get from far northern Minnesota we were, dare I say dog tired! To see The Blissful Dog honored by being one of the twelve cutest business names at Super Zoo put spring in my step and a big old ear to ear grin on my face!!! Thank you so much and yeah, we LOVE LOVE out adorable mixed breed BOO BOO BUTTER mascot, he is a cutie! Thanks again!

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