Bodie’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Broadstone Coronado

January 15, 2017

There’s no place like home…

Bodie and I spent a year living on the magical island of Coronado (where L Frank Baum wrote his sequels to The Wizard of Oz) and thus we can heartily vouch for the dog-friendly Broadstone Coronado On The Bay – it’s not often your pup can relax poolside with you and there’s even an al fresco dog wash for when you come back from the beach all sandy and in need of a shampoo and shake. Even if full-time residency isn’t an option, there are furnished summer rental options, so join us for a tour, starting at the front entrance…

exterior of front entrance to dog friendly broadstone coronado apartment resort

As you step into the lobby you are greeted by a live video feed of the San Diego bay – aka the view from the back of the building! I could never quite believe the miracle of this – walking a few paces and then beholding the serene bay…

TV screens showing Coronado bay at Broadstone Coronado

One of the reasons I’m so fond of the Broadstone is its variety of quirky little nooks – just inside the front door there’s this beach scene turned on its side and curl-up chairs made of scarlet sailor’s rope.


In the Ladies there’s a lifesaver ring mirror and the coolest fish-motif wallpaper…

lifesaver mirror in bathroom

I’m even madly in love with the Neptune/Mermaid toilet door signs…


And don’t get me started on these luxe velvet chairs set across from reception.


The other side of the fireplace you can relax on these fluffy numbers…


Adjacent there’s a sit-up bar with a complimentary espresso machine and quiet library area. I’d often bring the laptop in here, somehow able to think more clearly amid the immaculate stylings. Around the corner there are pool tables, a screening room and a slick kitchen area where they lay out the drinks and snacks for the monthly Happy Hour. Speaking of laying out – Bodie was a fan of the raffia rug.


In keeping with the pup + plant motif at dog-friendly Broadstone Coronado…


Now we step into the outside patio area with its communal bar-b-q set up.


Bodie and I tested out every seat in the house!

tan dog and female owner relaxing at dog friendly broadstone coronado

There’s something about the quality of the air here – it offers the softest caress, like a whispered lullaby…

dog sleeping beside owner dog friendly broadstone coronado

Behind the grazing wooden horses you can glimpse the Jacuzzi and, to the right, the cabana where Bodie and I would work and doze, respectively.

wooden horses beside pool at dog friendly broadstone coronado

This is the view looking out from our cabana – complete with laptop power socket…

view from cabana at dog friendly broadstone coronado apartments with laptop, painted female toenails and a dog's ears in the frame

We’d often have the pool area to ourselves in the morning and Bodie would chill in the shade and diligently watch me do lengths.

dog grinning poolside at dogfriendly broadstone coronado

The poolside water fountain has spouts for both humans and dogs! I’m telling you, they’ve thought of everything. You can even take your dog to the al fresco summer movie screenings on the lawn.



And so to the apartments themselves… Each one has recently been refurbished so it’s got a little pricier but when I lived there our third floor studio worked out at about $50 a day – wonderful when you consider next door at the Marriott rooms were going for $300+ a night and there are a lot more perks at the Broadstone! This is the show studio with a view over the bay and the parking lot where there’s a Farmer’s Market on a Tuesday with the most amazing local cheese!

show studio dogfriendly broadstone coronado

Photo courtesy of Broadstone Coronado on the Bay

Currently the studios (ideal for singles) run from $1,718-$1,968 a month with $50 extra dog fee. There are also super-swanky two-bedroom options at around $3,000. This would be such a fun place to share with a friend as there are so many social opportunities, not to mention high-tech gym facilities, if you’re fitness-inclined. At first I thought the studio was a little small at 405 square feet but every apartment has an expansive balcony and that is where I set my kitchen table and chairs. I was overlooking the tennis courts but the view from this show studio shows just how close you can get to the water. The boxy building on the left of the picture is Il Fornaio, offering exceptional Italian food with a dog-friendly side terrace. They do the best Happy Hour pizza – $6 for a full-size artichoke-laden Capricciosa, 5-6pm Monday-Thursday.

dog friendly broadstone coronado balcony off studio overlooking bay

Photo courtesy of Broadstone Coronado on the Bay

You barely need a car on Coronado – a lot of people cruise around on bicycles or golf buggies but at just a mile-wide the entire island is walkable. Click for Bodie’s paw-by-paw visual tour…

A Canine in Coronado header - bodie on the rocks

By night, Bodie and I would cosy up beside the fire pit and gaze at the shimmering city lights. One evening everyone had their deck chairs out because the Rolling Stones were playing at the big music arena downtown – you could hear every word Mick Jagger was singing/saying, wafting across the water.


So I think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty amazing set up. But what is a community without its people? Here’s one very special moment for me captured here by Jen Bergren from Fetchlight. Bodie is accepting a Duck a L’Orange treat from Stephen Donnelly of Five Paw Bakery, next in line is Max from the book True Tails from the Dog Park and the white bulldog waiting patiently for her turn is 11 year-old Broadstone resident Betsy (see her palling around with Boston Terrier Izzy on Instagram @IzzySophia). Looking on with the apron is Melanie Parks, the lovely owner of Coronado’s very caring and well-stocked pet store Wag’N Tails. A good dog day.



The Broadstone Coronado is exceptionally dog-friendly in every aspect except for its breed restrictions… It always makes my heart sink when I see certain breeds being discriminated against but I believe everyone is getting better educated about the fact that there are really no bad breeds, just bad owners and I want to recommend this great article from the San Diego Humane Society website detailing how you can reason with landlords and rental companies when you know you have a well-behaved dog that just needs to be given a chance! There is even this example of a resume or CV for Sally the Pit Bull which I think is a brilliant idea. Take a look and see if you could resist this ‘sweet potato’ of a pup…


Before I moved in I’d read a lot of negative reviews about the plumbing and endless building work. The property was under new management and we certainly experienced running out of water mid-shower, hammer serenades and even stepping onto a corridor of glue that was awaiting carpet to be laid. However! I have to say, none of these things ever tainted the very real feeling that I was living in paradise!


I still can’t believe my luck that Bodie and I got to call the Broadstone Coronado home and we would move back in again in a heartbeat.

If you want to dream yourself to Coronado, watch this video before you sleep…

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