Dog-Friendly Westin Lake Las Vegas

June 20, 2016

A world away from the blazing neon and jangling coins of The Strip, the dog-friendly Westin Lake Las Vegas is a haven where you can relax and tilt like a palm tree…


The grounds are expansive with wooden bridges and grassy plains set amidst desert sands and pyramid-like mountains that put us in mind of Egypt!


Bodie perks up his ears like a Pharaoh Hound!


The exterior of the main building makes for an impressive reflection.


Photo: Westin Lake Las Vegas

The interior is light-filled and glamorous. Sadly no dogs poolside or in the restaurants but they are welcome everywhere else, including the lounges and terraces.

Photo: Westin Lake Las Vegas

Photo: Westin Lake Las Vegas

Bodie and I stayed here for 3 nights for a BlogPaws Conference and loved every sunny second. These rooms on the left of the corridor are where I attended various workshops (from monetizing your blog to expanding your Pinterest audience), while Bodie played the other side of the patio doors in a shaded area with the other blogger-dogs, supervised by local doggie daycare experts.


Photo: Westin Lake Las Vegas

You can see Bodie at play in this video at the 20 second mark and 54 and at 2.21!   (Also look out for interviews with BlogPaws stars Chloe DiVita and Carol Bryant.)


After a hard day’s work and play we retired to our immaculate room…


Photo: Westin Lake Las Vegas

Bodie slept like a dream, as you can see…


IN CONCLUSION: We highly recommend this super dog-friendly resort – bright, airy and luxurious with prices currently starting at the $115 mark!


ADDRESS: 101 Montelago Blvd, Henderson, NV 89011 (40 mins from The Strip.)

PHONE: 702-567-6000

PET POLICY: One pet per room. Non-refundable cleaning fee of 35 USD. Guests will be given rooms on the lower floors for easy access to the pet-walking areas.


INTERESTED IN DOG-BLOGGING? For more info visit the BlogPaws website.

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