Beautiful woman holding up a French Bulldog with another at her feet against a dramatic rock background in Utah

On The Road with… WTFrenchie

August 12, 2016

You know how some Instagram accounts fill you with dreamy wonder? WTFrenchie does that for me! Nikki Star’s light-infused images of French Bulldog Weston and now little sister Fira (pictured below in pillow heaven) showcase an easy breezy Californian lifestyle filled with al fresco dining, sigh-inducing snoozes and airy hotel rooms where crisp white sheets crumple in stylish submission…


And then there’s the Booty Bop – Weston’s hilarious derriere-bumping motion captured by Nikki in a 6 second video that went viral amassing over 3 million views on Facebook, not to mention getting featured on Ellen!

As well as being media darlings and jetsetters, the WTFrenchie crew are also trendsetters with Nikki’s range of Frenchie Republic tees and now accessories including a tote with cool screen-printed image and Frenchie sketch pin. (A portion of each sale goes to animal rescue charities including the French Bulldog Rescue Network.)

wtfrenchie frenchie republic tee  wtfrenchie tote

So now we’re all kitted out and our cotton canvas bag is packed, it’s time to hit the road with Nikki, Weston and Fira, starting in their home sweet (sunny-scenic) home…

You live with your beautiful Frenchies in idyllic Ojai, California – what dog-friendly spots would you recommend in your neighborhood? 

We love taking the pups to Ojai Valley Inn around sunset time. You can watch the pink moment with a drink in hand and let the doggies run around the grassy range. It really is like a fairytale! For some hiking, Shelf Road Trail is gorgeous and easy enough for the dogs. (Read Nikki’s post Best Dog-Friendly Spots in Ojai.)

wtfrenchie two white frenchies in a grassy field

You have visited some lovely LA eateries, which dog-friendly patio do you have the biggest craving to revisit time and again?

We love AOC! Their outdoor patio is so beautiful and relaxing. You might also spot a celeb or two. :) Zinc in DTLA is also great as their outdoor area is large and spacious. Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz has a good happy hour and plenty of tables (and they LOVE dogs).

Nikki and Fira the French dog at AOC restaurant LA

When cruising in the car, what positions do Weston and Fira adopt?

Weston hops right into the backseat and Fira will usually put her paws & chin on the center console because she wants to be near her parents—it is the cutest thing!


If you could click your fingers and wake up anywhere in the world with Weston and Fira, what destination would you most like to experience together and why?

I would love to take them to Japan! I haven’t been yet but I keep hearing how dog-obsessed Japan is! They even have restaurants that allow dogs to sit in the chair alongside you and eat from a special doggie menu.


What are your fondest memories of taking a trip with Weston and Fira?

My husband and I took a roadtrip to an amazing hotel called Amangiri in Utah for my birthday and we brought Weston & Fira with us. It was practically in the middle of nowhere, hardly had any phone service and the air was so still. The scenery was beyond gorgeous and probably the best hotel I’ve ever been to or seen. Weston would sometimes just sit by himself and look out into the mountains like he was meditating.

Photo: Amangiri

Photo: Amangiri

Do you have an all-time favourite dog-friendly accommodation? 

San Ysidro Ranch is amazing. They provide a bed, treats, bowls, water and also a dog cookie with your dog’s name written on it with peanut butter. They even made us postcards with Weston’s photo printed on it. We love all Kimpton group hotels too as they are all dog-friendly and there is NO extra charge for pets!


Now you have two dogs, what changes have you noticed in your travels? Any particular advantages or disadvantages?

Well, everything is now double! But it is so worth lugging the extra bed, food, etc because they have each other to play with in the backseat. Fira helps Weston with his separation anxiety and we have so much fun watching them together.

Two white Frenchies in tropical shirts

What are your tips for making travel with your dog a pleasurable experience?

I make sure to bring their beds and/or blankets so they feel safe and comfy. Always have a water bottle and portable water bowl handy because they can get quite thirsty, and a couple Nylabones to chew on in the backseat when they get bored. And you know, bring their robes.

Two white Frenchies in robes

Visit the WTFrenchie website & view these darlings on Instagram @WTFrenchie

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