Dog-Friendly Garden of the Gods

Dog-Friendly Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs

June 16, 2016

August 1859: two surveyors exploring Colorado came upon a beautiful area of sandstone formations… One suggested it would be “a capital place for a beer garden”. His companion exclaimed, “Beer Garden! Why it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods.” The name stuck. (Visit Colorado Springs)


So many National Parks and natural wonders restrict dog-walking to the paved roads but here at the geological marvel that is Garden of the Gods you and your pup can get in amongst the raggedy red rocks and ponder 300 million years of history…

Dog exploring Garden of the Gods

Kissing Camels, Sleeping Giant, Tower of Babel, Cathedral Spires, Three Graces… the rock formations have such intriguing names you’ll want to admire them all:


We’ll call this one Upright Dog…



Dog-friendly Garden of the Gods website:

Fee: Because Garden of the Gods is classed as a ‘city park’ it is, and always will be, FREE to visit. How marvelous is that?

Hours: Winter 9am–5pm Summer: 8am–7pm

Dogs: Dogs should be on a six-foot leash to walk the park but there is a designated area where dogs can run free, east of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

Bodie and I would love to return in every season – from snow-dusted to spring flora…

stunning view of dog-friendly garden of the gods with snow capped mountains in the distance and yellow flowers in the foreground


Ever since I saw this magical Maxfield Parrish painting of a seemingly mythical resort set against a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, I dreamed of staying here…


Years passed, Bodie and I teamed up as travel buddies and then I discovered that the extraordinary and luxurious Broadmoor was dog-friendly and we were invited to indulge in one night in five star heaven…


Photo: The Broadmoor

The patio doors of our room opened out onto a grassy verge and a view of the lake. Bodie seemed mesmerized by the scene, as was I…


This is a hotel that takes its dog clientele seriously – The Pitty Pat Club (named for the faithful poodle of Julie Penrose, wife of Spencer Penrose who financed the building of The Broadmoor) has created a Best Friend In Residence pdf – click and you will see the comprehensive list of guidelines, facilities and services offered, including a Dog Menu of Blue Buffalo dog food and even Baked Apple & Yogurt Health Bars! (Available 24 hours a day!) Bedding and food bowls are supplied but our favorite item was the bone-shaped Broadmoor dog tag…


The Broadmoor has 8 sumptuous restaurants and, unlike so many hotels, permits you to leave your dog relaxing in your room while you eat. You can then reward your patient pal with a trip to The Broadmoor Pet Boutique which showcases a high class collection of doggie delights…

Sign for the Broadmoor Pet Boutique

I loved these hand-stitched tapestry cushions…

Dog tapestry cushions at Broadmoor Pet Boutique

And this extraordinary hand-painted leather chair showcasing a range of breeds and inscribed with the words: ‘A House is not a home without a dog.’

Hand-painted dog chair at Broadmoor hotel Pet Boutique

The Broadmoor Website:

Address: 1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Telephone: (855) 634-7711

Pet Fee: $50 per pet per day, 2 dog maximum per room.


You could fully exercise your dog exploring the beautifully manicured grounds of The Broadmoor but if you want to let your pup romp and play with his fellow canines Bear Creek Dog Park is just 8 minutes drive away (with ample parking). Deservedly voted one of 10 Best Amazing Dog Parks by USA Today, this is one of the most expansive we have visited – 25 acres including a big dog/small dog area, a shallow creek to cool off in and even opportunities for agility…


PHOTO: Elizabeth Halbert DOG: Henry INSTAGRAM: @elizabethh0492

The Bear Creek Dog Park website is well-worth checking out for park etiquette and dog-related news like the plans for Pub Dog Colorado which will allow you to dine indoors with your dog while enjoying craft beer! (Due to open Spring 2017!) You can also learn more about upcoming events like October’s WoofStock Music Festival – a day of peace, paws and fun including a hippie canine costume contest.

IN CONCLUSION: Colorado is a dream state for a dog.

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