Dog-Friendly New York City with… René-Charles NYC

September 28, 2016

Luxe-loving Instagram Frenchie René-Charles NYC has a staggering 75K+ followers, tickled by his snappy, snarky commentary on life in the Big Apple.
Bodie is currently working on his attitude with these classic lines:
“I’m not sure that you should pet me. I’m not supposed to trust anyone with a fake Chanel bag.”
“If you’re planning to serve me wine from a box, this is going to be a very unhappy hour.”
“Sometimes I wish you were pizza.”


In honor of the publication of René-Charles NYC: Little Bulldog In A Big City ($16.95, Running Press) we’ve asked his overworked and underpaid personal assistants/photographers/parents Ryan Nalls & Evan Cuttic to take us on a dog-friendly tour of New York City…
Dog-Friendly New York City with… René-Charles

If René-Charles had a dog pal visiting NYC for the weekend, where would he like to meet for a scenic walk?

Central Park for sure! It’s the perfect place to grab a cocktail and forget that you’re in the middle of New York City. Plus, once you get bored you just walk east to 5th Ave and do some shopping!


And where would he take them for a dog-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner?

It turns out Tiffany & Co. doesn’t actually serve breakfast, but Bergdorf-Goodman does. Well, not breakfast (because who actually eats breakfast?) but brunch. If mimosas in the morning aren’t your thing (gasp), it’s always fun to pick at a $19 salad at the Bryant Park Grill for lunch. And for dinner? Wherever you can’t get a reservation is where you’ll find me.


Are there any menu items René-Charles favors?

Champagne. Truffles. Caviar.

Rene-Charles TXT Mechs.indd

Is there one NYC hotel that goes above and beyond in the dog-friendliness?

The Four Seasons always goes above and beyond when it comes to dog-friendliness and service. René-Charles doesn’t do camping trips, but loves a weekend away in one of their plush suites. They’ll even bring you smores (with dog-friendly chocolate) if you know the right people.


Are there any companies that have surprised you with their dog-friendliness?

If you can’t fly private, which René-Charles prefers, Delta Airlines is very accommodating with dogs. Also, Bed, Bath & Beyond has special carts just for dogs to make shopping for boring housewares more comfortable and stylish.


What do you think the stylish NYC dog will be wearing this Fall?

René-Charles loves to wear his faux fur coat on those freezing, windy, blustery days. Not only does it keep him very warm, but it also turns a lot of heads! (Ryan was concerned that we would look too ridiculous walking a dog in a faux fur coat with a giant camera lens in his face, and he was right. But the photos were well worth it.)


What is the most common reaction René-Charles gets from passers-by?

“Oh my gosh is that René-Charles NYC? Can I take a picture with him?” It’s always a bit weird when that happens, but he’s usually up for a selfie, as long as you make sure to get his good side.


“Every crosswalk is a runway.”

René-Charles seems to be a true New Yorker with all the essential attitude – has he always been a natural city dog?

When you’re raised on the mean streets of Manhattan, you grow up fast. He’s always been a city – the smells, the endless supply of small bites to sample on the sidewalk, the stampedes of sprinting dogs at the dog park – René-Charles is as much a part of New York as New York is a part of him. Sirens, commotion, people, pets – none of it phases him, as long as he’s still the center of attention.


“Have you ever seen Beyonce holding her own umbrella? Didn’t think so.”

If you guys could wake up anywhere in the world with René-Charles, where would you choose and why?

Hawaii! It’s challenging to travel there with pets because of the distance and also quarantine laws. René-Charles loves laying in the sun and loves the beach, and so do we. If it’s possible for René-Charles to have it any better than he already does, Hawaii would be where it happens!


What are René-Charles’ favourite places to visit outside of NYC?

We recently relocated to Los Angeles and are living in Santa Monica. René-Charles plans to spend his entire winter laying in the sun and enjoying the beach and perfect weather. We expect that he’ll also be boasting about this while the east coast is bundled up for a blizzard.


Any tips for having enjoyable travels with your dog?

Get a stew bone from the grocery store, boil it until it’s cooked, and then freeze it. When your dog starts getting antsy in the car, plane, or train, pull out the bone and prepare for them to be happily occupied for hours.


Thank you to Ryan, Evan and René-Charles for our dog-friendly NYC tour. Even though the trio have now relocated to the sunny West Coast, we’ll ‘leaf’ you with this perfect Fall image…


Find René-Charles on Instagram here: @ReneCharlesNYC

The book: René-Charles NYC: Little Bulldog In A Big City is out now!

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