On The Road with… The Lucy Pet Foundation

June 23, 2016

Joey Herrick, founder of The Lucy Pet Foundation, is impressively proactive when it comes to addressing the heart-wrenching number of shelter pets euthanized in the US every week. (An unbearable 80,000 cats and dogs.)

Inspired by his beloved Chihuahua mix rescue Lucy, Joey is on a mission to fund a fleet of Spay & Neuter Mobile Clinics offering free surgeries across the country. (The Lucy Pet Foundation already offers this service in LA and below you can see a hilarious video of Chelsea Handler joining veterinarian Karen “Doc” Halligan for the day!)

Spaying and neutering is not only great for your pet’s health but it is the single most effective thing a pet-loving individual can do to help reduce the number of animals in shelters – you really do have the power to make a difference!

Joey is always looking for new ways (or should that be waves!) to spread the word – check out Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin K9 Wave Maker pictured above. This big rig, sloshing 5,000 gallons of water, is currently traversing the US searching for water-sporting wonders to rival Joey’s pal Surfin’ Jack – a stunning Golden Retriever and Saluki mix, unmissable in Hawaiin shirt and shades!

Looks like it’s going to be a fun summer – here’s to a successful, sun-kissed mission!

Time to hit the road with Joey & his Canine Crew…


When you go on a road trip what are the seating arrangements with your dogs? 

Jack and Lucy run from the front door of the house to the car together and as I open the back car door and Lucy goes in the exact same spot every time. She loves to go in the car but she doesn’t like to see where she’s going (!) so she always lays in the backseat on the floor and snoozes. If Jack’s in the mood she will jump into the front passenger seat where I will harness her in and she will continually paw me to get petted. If she’s not in the mood, she lays in the back seat stretched out.


If you could click your fingers and wake up anywhere in the world with Lucy and Jack, what destination would you most like to experience together?

Actually there’s something very interesting coming up:  Lucy and Jack will be in New York together in September for the Mets Bark in the Park along with Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 Wave Maker (see pic at top of post!). We will be auditioning New York surfing dogs to find the best one to be on Lucy Pet’s 2017 Rose Parade float.


What are your fondest memories of taking a dog trip?

The most memorable trip was with Jack. We took her to Lackland Air Force Base (in San Antonio, Texas) to see the only national monument dedicated to an animal. It’s for the Military Working Dogs who have saved thousands of soldiers’ lives and I am proud to have been instrumental in having this national monument become a reality.


Do you have an all-time favorite dog-friendly accommodation?

Yes, for several years we have done Rose Parade floats and always with dogs. The Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, California has been terrific to us. The staff loves dogs and have always bent over backwards to accommodate us. We are staying there again for our 2017 float. (Keep an eye out on Monday January 2nd 2017!)


What are your best tips for making dog travel a pleasurable experience?

Always pre-plan and make sure pets are welcome. Make sure you have everything you need to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. Have a crate for times when you need your dog to be contained. Bring your dog’s favorite blanket and toys for familiarity. Make sure you keep your dog on the diet your dog is used to. Have items like poop bags, paper towels, pee pads all handy and plenty of them so you both have a great time together on your travels.

BONUS ON THE ROAD with… Chelsea Handler & Karen “Doc” Halligan

Hilarious video of the blondes cruising Los Angeles with the Spay & Neuter mobile!


THE LUCY PET FOUNDATION is a non-profit funded solely on donations.

One great way to contribute is to purchase one of the Lucy Pet Products – Bodie is about to try the Moisturizing Coconut Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioning Spray. One introductory sniff has already transported us to the palm-studded sands of Maui!


Even though we’re all about the dog here at Bodie on the Road we want to give a shout out to Joey’s cat, Ricky the Rescue: www.facebook.com/RickyTheRescue

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